so·cial tan·go | noun | \ ˈsō-shəl ˈtaŋ-(ˌ)gō \

an improvised partner dance of Argentine origin, popular around the world

and accessible to people of all backgrounds, ages, and orientations.

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 Hi, I’m Yelizaveta!

I started because I believe that if people knew what social tango was really about, everyone would want to do it. I was introduced to tango in 2009 and over the past decade I have watched it grow into an impressive global phenomenon with communities popping up all over the world. To me social tango is a reprieve from our stressful lifestyles, a salve for the soul, an essential creative outlet, and most importantly, a way to build meaningful friendships with people all over the world! Not to mention the various health benefits! When used as treatment, tango has been shown to have a significant positive impact on people with Parkinson’s disease as well those dealing with anxiety and depression. In short, I believe that everyone deserves tango in their lives, including YOU!

SO… Ready to make a bunch of friends and dance all over the world?